T-endŽ cord / rope handle

Accuracy through clarity 
Ease of use 
Cord / Rope with plastic film end
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paper carrier bags begin use new cord / rope T-end handle

More than a cord / rope handle...

As well as full automatic machine produce and higher efficiency speed,  the revolutionary T-endŽ cord / rope handle , carrier bags use T-cord  offers features which include:

  • Don't waste time to make the manual knots
  • as same as length per cord handle
  • short Delivery time.

Higher appreciate from our clients

In fact, response shows that every manufacturer through use T-endŽ cord / rope handle for paper carry bags nice benefit that higher installing and save time and save cost.

T-endŽ cord / rope handle type

  • Round type T-endŽ cord / rope handle for paper carrier bags or shopping carry bags ....
  • Flat type in the Taiwan that T-endŽ cord / rope handle for paper carrier bags or shopping carry bags or gift box.....
  • 3 ply metallic color T-endŽ cord / rope handle for higher gift box or christmas carrier bags.

T-endŽ cord / rope handle fully produce!

  • For the convenient worker, the use of a cord / rope handle provides improved bag's cord used and reduced manufacture cost.
  • For the factory administrator, the cost is significantly reduced.
  • For the lower cost that we cord / rope handle was full-automatic machine produce large per day.

The T-endŽ cord / rope handle range. 
Currently available all carry bags for material are pp bags , paper bags ....

T-endŽ cord / rope handle - the easy to use

Ease of use...

  • The ultra smooth line of draw of the T-endŽ cord / rope handle syringe is a first of its kind within the safety syringe category. Years of research has resulted in a remarkably simple to use syringe with no extra twisting required.

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